Where was this photo taken?

This was taken at Barangay Binuclutan, Botolan, Zambales, where we stayed at the Rama Beach Resort.

We went to Botolan in Zambales to do a pre-wedding photoshoot for Nesza Salvador's sister Crystal Nieto and her partner Paulo Domingo. Nesza and her boyfriend Patrick Asuncion joined us for a quick beach break off their busy schedules.

To cap off shooting the soon-to-weds, we had snacks and drinks by the beach, under the night sky. Way past midnight, I noticed the stars were much more visible than usual. I thought of doing an extra set for Crystal and Paulo but they were nowhere to be found, and were probably sleeping already.

Nesza and Patrick were game right away when I asked if I could photograph them with the stars. We walked a few meters away from the bright lights of Rama Beach Resort so we could photograph the stars more clearly with the couple. It took a few test shots to get the perfect shot.

Starry night in Botolan, ZambalesPhoto by Martin San Diego/Rappler

We went there via private van; the groom drove. It took us almost 6 hours to get to Rama Beach Resort from Crystal's house in Fairview. Did a quick stop for breakfast in Olongapo. We arrived in Botolan at around 11 am.

starry night in botolan 03
Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

Any other tips for travelers?

Sleep by the beach! As in not inside a structure. I slept in a small kubo outside our cottage. The sound of waves crashing on the shore, and the cool midnight breeze was so relaxing. – Rappler.com

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